Frequently Asked Questions

Currently, you can upload JPEG, PNG and GIF files compressed by Presr.
The maximum file size is 50MB.
There is an upload limit of 100 images per hour.
There is no monthly data transfer limit.
It's not possible to replace an image while keeping the same URL.
The images you uploaded could not be deleted.
To ensure that all content complies with our Privacy Policy, our system administrator can view the images you uploaded, otherwise no one can view the images you upload unless you share your images via Presr's URL (Direct link).
Because the sandbox mechanism that limit some of the features. If you want to use 'Add .presr suffix to compressed files' in the same folder, just select the folder manually.
Presr is distributed through the Mac App Store, so you need to refer to Apple's official guide 'How to cancel a subscription from Apple '.